‘Superb events and spectacular award ceremonies’

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“Over the past 10 years, I have worked very closely with Barker Brooks to help champion the legal talent and expertise that Yorkshire has to offer. Through their insightful articles, topical news stories, superb events and spectacular award ceremonies – they have never once failed to impress! Utterly professional and always a pleasure to deal with – Barker Brooks are a tremendous business ally!”

– Natalie Rodgers MCIM Chartered Marketer & Solicitor, Managing Director

‘We have been impressed’

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“We are only 8 months into our relationship with Barker Brooks, but even from the pitch stage we have been impressed with their enthusiasm for our Journal and proactivity in coming to us with ideas and suggestions. They have already made a decent start in terms of advertising sales, and thus far they have been very good at communicating internally with various stakeholders here at OUP and respectful of the existing relationships we have with our authors and editorial board.”

– Emma Thomas – Senior Publisher, Law Journals, Oxford University Press


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“I attended the PI Awards dinner last night and was delighted to be a winner. However, my reason for writing is to congratulate you and your team on the smooth and effective management of the event which clearly delivered. It was my second year and I can see that it has enduring value. I attend several “black tie” events and almost all are flabby affairs – drawn out and lacking in focus.”

– Quentin  Smith

“Ideal partner for my clients’

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“I have worked with Barker Brooks for a number of years particularly in relation to their work with the NAPF and STEP. Unlike other contract publishers Barker Brooks undertake to understand the industries and communities they work for and in. This enables them to deliver intelligence and trustworthy solutions to advertisers. Aside from that they are great to get on with and helpful, which makes them an ideal partner for my clients.”

– Will Fearnley-Whittingstall, Fundamental Media UK

‘I would highly recommend’

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“I have worked with Barker Brooks for a number of years now to book event sponsorship and publication advertising across the NAPF portfolio. I have always found them to be very efficient in answering all my queries in a timely and detailed manner. They regularly keep me informed of any relevant opportunities and provide us with all the details we need to make an informed decision. I would highly recommend the services of Barker Brooks as an intermediary based on my experience with them.”

– Colin English: Director, Pensions Solutions Group, Russell Investments

‘An absolute pleasure to deal with’

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“Barker Brooks have a very efficient staff, that are personally involved, and work closely together with us to reach our goals. They are always available, friendly and competent, and an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

– Saskia Welman: Head of Communications, National Federation of occupational Pensioners

‘Consistently impressed’

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“As an asset manager operating in the investment industry for many years, despite some significant change in our industry, I have been consistently impressed by the professionalism and diligence shown by Barker Brooks Communications in their support of the NAPF, and interaction with industry stakeholders.

The account manager that has been dedicated to my firm’s needs has displayed good knowledge of my business needs, and has delivered an efficient and effective solution for me: I would certainly recommend the firm to prospective new clients.”

– Simon Males: Managing Director, Pramerica Investment Management Limited

‘Provided a high level of service’

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“I am loath to write testimonials owing to the position and reputation of my clients as market-leaders. However, it gives me pleasure to make an exception regarding Barker Brooks. One of the problems with the market is the presence of dubious and even charlatan sales and publishing houses, let alone the usual lesser quality and ability. Barker Brooks have always had a consistency of personnel, who have provided a high level of service, proactive sales and respectful understanding of market and market conditions.

This is not just unusual but actually rare, so gives the buyers confidence and allows the development of a relationship based on trust and mutual respect which benefits all parties – client, agency, sales house and publisher.”

– Tim Eldridge: Managing Director, Eldridge Ranger Advertising

‘A great day’

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“On behalf of S&G Response just wanted to send you a mail to say thanks very much for a great day yesterday. Thank you to all those involved in managing the day and we sincerely look forward to the next one.”

– Paul Wilkinson, Business Development Manager, S&G Response