Corporate responsibility

We take our corporate responsibility duties seriously at Barker Brooks. We believe that a good business has to do more than just generate a profit: it must recognise the part it plays in the lives of its employees, in society and on the planet, and act at all times with this in mind. This is reflected in our approach to various areas of our operations.


We support a range of charities, from local to national to international. Every event we run includes a collection for one or more of them. All support causes that are particularly meaningful to staff here at Barker Brooks.
Charities for which we have raised money recently as a company and as individuals include Yorkshire Cancer Research, Candlelighters, Martin House Children's Hospice, Claire House Children's Hospice, St Michael's Hospital and Médecins Sans Frontières.


We're proud of our Yorkshire roots, and we seek to play an active role in our local community. We try to offer work experience placements to local students wherever possible, and are always available to visit local establishments for careers talks etc.
Barker Brooks follows a local purchasing policy. This supports and puts back money into the local economy. All other things being equal preference is given to suppliers in the following order: Yorkshire, England, Rest of World. This includes using local printers, exhibition contractors and photographic services.


The company has implemented a salary cap to limit the issue some other companies have of high salaries for executives at the expense of the lower paid. No member of Barker Brooks is able to earn more than three times the salary of the lowest paid employee.


We promote cycle use and support the Cycle to Work Scheme – most employees who live within cycling distance have taken advantage of this arrangement. Personal company cars are not provided for any employees. We try wherever possible to complete all longer journeys by train.
The vast majority of our waste is paper, which we buy from responsibly managed sources and which is later recycled.
We actively seek similar minded clients and we will turn down clients if the board feel that their approach towards preserving the environment is not one that we wish to support.


Barker Brooks embrace diversity in all its forms. We never discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability, age or any of the other forms of prejudice that have no place in the modern world.


Barker Brooks are strictly apolitical. We give no financial or ideological support to any political parties.